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Media Buying

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What makes us different than most advertising agencies Toronto is our process of implementing Media buying opportunities into most marketing campaigns. Media buying is the process of negotiating the price and placement of advertising. Our job is to find opportunities that will allow you to get the most value for your ad spend. We accomplish this by having a clear understanding of your target market or the people that you are trying to reach and by building relationships with media vendors.

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How can media buying benefit your business

Advertising on different media outlets allows you to reach more people that may be interested in your service or product. When the proper research is conducted you are able to advertise more effectively, targeting quality candidates as opposed to a large quantity of non qualified individuals. This process which we follow, allows you to get the most value out of your advertising dollars. Some examples of media opportunities include, outdoor advertising, digital advertising which target web and mobile as well as TV and radio.

What does it cost

The cost of purchasing media advertising opportunities will vary from client to client. The goal of the campaign, marketing budget, industry and competition are all very important factors that can affect how much you need to spend. Don’t let the cost scare you. People over estimate the cost and under estimate the effectiveness of advertising within the various media outlets. You can get started and see results with relatively small marketing budget.

How do I start

The first step is to contact us so that we can get the conversation started. You need to thoroughly assess where your business is currently and what you hope to achieve by starting or increasing your marketing efforts. We guide you through the process by asking the correct questions and analyzing any available data. After obtaining a clear picture of the business we are able to create a strategy, execution plan, timeline and budget for the campaign. With the availability of technology at our fingertips, smaller companies are able to run successful marketing campaigns without spending a fortune. For more information call, email or chat with us now!