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Create a WordPress Site Toronto

Looking to create a WordPress site in Toronto? Look no further! We develop all of our websites using the WordPress platform as a content management system. We have the expertise to develop from scratch but with the availability of thousands of high quality themes it is more cost effective for most companies to go that route. Using a theme allows the process of launching a website to move much faster. Don’t get the word theme confused with “cookie cutter”. The themes that we use are customized and branded to reflect the individual identity of the company that the website is being created for.

create a wordpress site toronto

Our Process

Upon deciding to work with us to develop your website we will send you a list of carefully selected themes to choose from.  After selecting a theme, we will send a document requesting all of the necessary project assets. Your website will go into development after all of the projects assets have been provided. These assets can include, text for your pages, pictures, hosting information, social media accounts, contact information as well as any other items that we may need to create your website. We develop your website on our temporary servers and send you a link to review, prior to an official live launch. After your approval of the site we migrate all files to your server and launch you new website live!

You have a website. Now what?

Congratulations! You have a new website but don’t celebrate too long, we have more work to do! This is the step that a lot of small companies skip. You must create a plan to make the world or at least your target market aware of this fabulous new website. Without that plan, the new website will not be utilized to its full potential. You spent hard earned money to have the site professionally developed. Let’s make sure you get a return on that investment! For more information call 888 728-6993 today!