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 Marketing Strategy

We are a Toronto Advertising Agency comprised of a small team of extremely creative individuals. Some residing in Michigan and others in Toronto. We also collaborate with a network of companies in different cities depending on the scope of the job.

Toronto Advertising Agency

Nothing feels better than completing a project or a campaign and exceeding the clients expectations along the way! Most people are unaware of how many different ways they can increase their business exposure through digital marketing. The field of marketing constantly presents something new and exciting so we can’t blame you for not being able to keep up with the trends. This is where we come in. We obsess over the ever changing field of digital marketing. This is what we eat, sleep and breathe, as a result, we’re experts at what we do!

Business Goals

Your success is our success. We want long term relationships with our clients which means that great service must be provided on a consistent basis. One of the core beliefs at Creative Media Conceptions is that all communication between the company and the client must be clear. Clear communication allows us to understand your business goals.  Obtaining a clear understanding of your goals is necessary to develop a strategy and execute it with pin point accuracy.

Campaign Analytics

Our job doesn’t stop there. Analyzing our efforts is the next critical step that most people are unaware of. We dive deep into the different metrics associated with the campaign to see if we accomplished our goal.
Our entire process is similar to going on a road trip. The first step is to determine where we want to go. The next step in planning a road trip requires taking out a map or using Google Maps to determine how you will get there. Our marketing strategy determines what the immediate goal is for the business and creates a detailed plan of how we will get there.

The next phase of the road trip requires you to take action. You pack your bags, load the car and begin driving. This phase of the road trip mirrors our execution phase. The campaign is launched, we are on the road. The final phase of the road trip is when you arrive at your destination. The final phase of the campaign is when we analyze the data to determine if our goals have been met. For example, did we increase traffic to the website, did we decrease the bounce rate on your site or did we gain 300 new mail list subscribers. The campaign analytics provide a clear picture of where the business is at and where it is going.

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