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Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC stands for “pay per click” advertising. Google has an advertising platform known as Adwords which allows customers to set up ad campaigns and advertise across their network of websites. Depending on the type of campaign selected, ads may show at the top of the search results page, YouTube, affiliate sites or within email accounts of people that are a target of the campaign.

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The Benefits

There are countless benefits to setting up and running a Pay Per Click advertising campaign. The number one benefit is the ability to reach potential clients immediately after launching the campaign. After determining your target market and what terms or phrases will be most effective you will need to set a daily or monthly budget. The budget can be as small as $10 or $20 dollars per day. We recommend using the bid simulator to see what the expected return on investment will be according a particular budget.

Is PPC Different Than SEO

PPC is paid advertising and SEO is earned advertising. We suggest that our clients mix both methods. The benefit to this process is the same as we mentioned earlier. Potential customers can be reached as soon as the campaign is launched. On the other hand, an organic SEO campaign can take several months to show results. Our process eliminates the waiting period associated with organic SEO.

Do I Need To Use Both

When using a mix of paid and earned advertising the goal is that the ad spend can eventually be reduced or shifted to include more terms. When an organic SEO campaign achieves ranking results, the terms that are ranking can be removed from the PPC campaign depending on how they are performing.

How Much Should You Spend On PPC

The average cost per transaction or customer lifetime value must be determined prior to setting up an ad spend or marketing budget. The cost per transaction for a lawyer will be much higher than that of a small coffee shop. As a result, the ad spend of both clients would be dramatically different. We’re able to set up custom plans that detail a projected ROI for an ad spend. This enables complete transparency with regard to campaign expectations when you hire Creative Media Conceptions to manage your PPC campaign.

Setting up a campaign can be a difficult process to undertake without the assistance of a professional. Our PPC experts are Google Adwords certified and experienced in SEO best practices. Set up a campaign today, see results tomorrow. Call now for more information on PPC management in Toronto.